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Eric Weising on 05/23/2024
Chris was an excellent point of contact and handled all my storage needs efficiently with a POSITIVE attitude. My experience thus far has been quite pleasant. Chris is a great asset to the facility!
Carrie Wollaston Scallan on 04/12/2024
In an era where exceptional customer service is often considered a rarity, I am delighted to share my 3-yr experience with Ruckersville Self Storage (RSS). Their commitment to providing exemplary and valued customer service sets a new standard in the industry. From the moment I engaged with Brandon, I was greeted with warmth, professionalism, and genuine care. The RSS team members, Chris, Caitlin, and others, displayed a deep understanding of their products/services and were adept at addressing my inquiries with precision and clarity. What truly stood out was their unwavering dedication to ensuring my satisfaction. They went above and beyond to accommodate my needs, offering personalized solutions and timely assistance at every step of the way. Whether it was a simple query or a complex issue with the expansion of their facility, their team approached each interaction with enthusiasm and a willingness to help! Moreover, RSS demonstrated a remarkable level of responsiveness and reliability. Communication was seamless, with prompt responses to my emails, calls, and messages. This level of attentiveness not only instilled confidence in their services but also fostered a sense of trust and loyalty. Their dedication, professionalism, and genuine care set them apart as a beacon of excellence in the area and my family wholeheartedly recommend RSS to anyone seeking a truly exceptional and valued customer experience.
Becca Lyn Knight on 04/10/2024
This is a great place to store your belongings. Never had an issue with rodent mishaps, ants, rats, bugs, etc. how I packed it is exactly how I was able to unpack it. Always available to talk to when needed and always friendly. Would recommend them to anyone needing a nice secure, affordable and clean storage unit! We went through a total of three different size units to accommodate us and it did the job Everytime efficiently!